Gim Boseong | 2018 | 06:00

A whale is being neglected and decayed since it has been drifted on the shore of Han River.
Such strange things happened but no one in the city cares, only a dog and birds are around the whale.
These sceneries are a remembrance of the depression which has been hanging over South Korea quite a while.

Director’s Note
Who would take all the harms caused by the irresponsible government and the immoral press after all?

Still Images

2018 Indie Forum (KR)
2018 Animafest Jagreb (HR)
2018 Annecy Animation Festival (FR)
2018 Bucheon Internatioal Fantastic Film Festival (KR)
2018 Smile International Film Festival for Children and Youth (IN)
2018 Insomnia Festival (RU)
2018 World Festival of Animated Film in Varna (BG)
2018 Indie Anifest (KR)
2018 KLIK Amsterdam Animation Festival (NL)
2018 Seoul Independent Film Festival (KR)
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