Hwara Gwara Sweet Shop

Jeon Eunjin

B5 / 72 pages / 2018 / 20,000 won
ISBN : 9791195997039

 The author of the eccentric picture book 『ILLY』 returns with the new work titled 『Hwara & Gwara Sweet Shop 화라과라 과자점』, featuring the original characters Hwara and Gwara crafting together a traditional treat called Hwagaja (和菓子, wagashi). Each piece of sweets the duo creates commemorates the time and form of life they apprehend and reconstruct. The taste, shape, colour, and texture of their luscious creation vary on the season, lifestyle, relationship, and situation which the duo encounters throughout the narrative. The book is comprised of three sections depicting the characters’ daily lives and inspiration: 1. The Hwagajas, 2. Gwara’s Journal, 3. The Seasonal Scenery.

 The characters in the book Hwara and Gwara remind us of a relationship we’ve all once been part of—two individuals acting alike as one while pertaining each of their own attributes and expression. The innermost relationship with ourselves bear similarities with relationships with others interacting with us, such as with other humans (such as families, friends, romantic partners and siblings), nature, and phenomenon. The characters inspire and warm up the readers’ heart as they learn from each other and maintain equal partnership throughout the narrative.

 Hwagaja (화과자, 和菓子, wagashi) is a Japanese confection inspired by the natural forms found in animals and sceneries. Hwagaja is crafted from a variety of seasonal ingredients with intricate and distinct recipes, hence its alias “a seasonal treat”. You may just notice each of its stunning appearances at first glance, but you’ll appreciate the author’s deeper intention as you understand the rigorous craftsmanship behind the making of this tiny confection.

 The book is a metaphor to the author’s pursuit of mastery which, like those of Hwagajas, others may pass by or take for granted. The depiction of the timeless aesthetics in analogy to confections invites the readers to reflect on the meaning of life despite its finite and frail nature. The author hopes this work to be an anecdotal empathy to those dedicating themselves to carving their own fate, such as creators like herself.

 그림책 『ILLY』로 독특한 아트웍을 보여줬던 작가 전은진의 신작『화라과라 과자점』은 화라와 과라가 함께 만드는 화과자(Wagashi)를 중심으로 전개하는 이야기입니다. 삶의 시간과 형태를 해석하고 재현하여 만든 과자에는 기억하고 싶은 순간에 관한 기록과 포착이 담겨있습니다. 이들이 마주하는 계절의 변화, 생활, 관계, 상황에 따라 화과자의 맛, 모양, 빛깔, 질감 등이 달라집니다.
 1. 화과자 2. 과라의 일지 3. 계절의 풍경으로 구성된 페이지에서 작업으로 이어진 일상의 모습과 재료가 된 영감을 담고 있습니다.

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